Gaston Boireau ᛫ be creative

This season of your life is fleeting and beautifully meaningful.  It is full of the ripeness of new life, the bliss and chaos of family, the creation of irreplaceable memories.

During our session, I work to create a sense of comfort and rapport with my clients so that everyone feels relaxed enough to allow their personalities to shine.  Whether its children laughing, the family pet joining in, or a couple drawing close to share an intimate moment, my goal is to capture those moments in a way that tells a story.

This is the beauty of candid lifestyle photography. As your photographer, my role is to stay out of your way, give you space to have fun and express yourself,  and take charge of my camera. As a result, I can deliver exceptional, stunning photos of you and your family. The ones that you will be proud to share with your children and grandchildren.  

I have professional experience working with many families and children and develop a trusted relationship with my clients, many of whom book multiples sessions over the years. Documenting your life transitions and journey is my true pleasure and passion.

Your photo shoot can be in the location of your choice, indoors or outdoors.  I can help provide you with guidance on selecting beautiful locations or we can schedule the photo shoot in the comfort of your home.

My services include our initial photography session, post editing, packaging, and delivery. I offer very affordable pricing for my services and can customize a package based on your needs.

Let’s talk and see what kind of remarkable and memorable photo experience we can create together.

When you get my services you also get my commitment to answer all your questions, focus on your goal and also receive a quality service.

Having quality photos where you can access them securely online and also an album in book format can be something very valuable for you.
So you can enjoy this moment from the photo shoot to share the result with your friends, family, co-workers and whoever you love.

Create campaigns oriented to the objective of your business with creative images that help promote your products or services is my challenge as a photographer for your company or business.

+ Imagination and creativity to photograph products and services.

+ Professionalism oriented to the corporate image.

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