Ramen O Clock

Hi! My name is Gaston Boireau, I’m 32 years old and was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. About 3 years ago my partner and I decided to move to the US and pursue our dreams in California, surrounded by nature, beautiful weather, great people and new horizons.

I studied Business Administration at UCES University, hold an MBA in BA at Torcuato Di Tella University and I worked for an Oil & Gas company, in the finance department for nine years as Revenue Manager, something that I enjoyed very much and helped me to grow as a person and professionally.

I decided to study photography in Buenos Aires and since that moment, I began capturing through the lens of my camera the beauty of moments, people and nature.

At present, I’m returning to the path of photography, seeking to convey through the photographs emotions and capture those special moments of those who trust in my work. I believe that photography is much more than capturing images with a camera, I believe that it is about capturing feelings and that they remain.

Today, photography is something that I enjoy doing every day, taking pictures while visiting new places, exploring ideas, sharing moments with friends or working for great people.

The most beautiful photos are those in which we do not pose, my goal as your photographer is to capture the naturalness of the moment you want to remember… whether from a day in family, the born of your child, nephew or grandchild or a photo portrait for your company or profile.

Those natural photos really reflect the essence of the moment and transmit your personality.

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